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Introduction to Personal Space

What is Personal Space?

Personal Space is a unique set of six global patterns for an individual. Each pattern is an indicator for a specific emotional experience. The changes of the indicator with location, allows the identification of locations where that emotional experience will be strong or weak.

Personal Location Analysis is a method to calculate these patterns for an individual and search for locations that have both high levels of favorable indicators and low levels of negative indicators.

All this is a result my driving around the US and noticing that some places I consistently liked and other I did not. I first noticed this when I traveled for college in my twenties. At that time I had no idea that a mathematical model could describe these experiences. I thought the beautiful places along the road were due to the trees, grass, and mountains-the scenery.

My training as a scientist supported my worldview that this sort of thing was not possible. I was less than ignorant about the subject; I incorrectly held the opinion that the world was made in such a way that this sort of thing could not be true.

Well I got a surprise. It is true. And over the last 17 years I have been traveling specifically to investigate these effects. I have identified about a dozen things that seem to correlate with location. The mathematical model that I have developed describes six of these things. And even more surprising is that this mathematical model that I developed for my own specific case with minor changes also describes location experiences of other people.

What Six Emotional Experiences?

The six quantities that I can describe with the current mathematical model.

1. Feeling of Laughter, Happy and Cheerful. Optimism. Confidence, I can do anything.

2. Feeling  of Love. Warm and Soft, Comfortable, Fulfillment, Goodness, The world is a good place, I am a good person, All that I do is good. Life is worth living.

3. Feeling Alert, Wide Awake, Mental Tasks are effortless, Actions are Quick and Decisive.

4. Feeling Sleepy, Not Fully Awake All Day, Meditation is Easy, Decisions are Difficult, Mental Effort is too Much Trouble.

5. Feeling Fear and Insecurity, Unloved, Alone, Darkness even on a Sunny Day,

6. Assertive, Unfulfillment, Confrontational, Reckless, Nothing Satisfies.

The Personal means that the pattern of locations you experience is specific to you. No one else will have exactly the same pattern. You are unique in this respect. Never before and never again will there be a person with exactly your pattern. Every one has a number of Happy Cheerful places, but not necessarily at the same place on the ground. So a location that you might experience as Heaven on Earth might be the opposite for another person. I have found that compatible people have similar patterns and children have patterns similar to the patterns of their parents.

At this time, I have almost 17 years of research and development in creating the current mathematical model. I have traveled almost 400,000 miles to field test my ideas and the computer programs that create the reports contain over a million lines of code.

Why is this important?

This mathematical model is a tool. A tool that you can use to determine the locations for you to be that will create the specific life experience that you want to have.

That is to say, when the mathematical model is calibrated for your uniquely special characteristics, it will calculate numbers that will indicate how you will experience a  specify location in terms of the six quantities. So, if you want to experience fear and aloneness most of the time, you can use this tool to determine where to be to get that. When you have had enough feeling fear and alone, you can go to a location where happy and cheerfulness is the dominant experience.

A old wise guy told me once, "You can understand the tax law and use it to your advantage, or not."  The same holds for Nature's Laws. You can understand gravity and use it to your advantage or not. But not obeying gravity is not one of the options mortal beings have available to them on this Earth.

I can't count the number of people I have met that are sure my location ideas are not true, all the while exhibiting behavior that show they are responding to those Laws. They sincerely believe that. But sincerity is not a substitute for correctness. Free Will is the freedom to pursue the path of self-destruction. The thing that makes reality real, is the fact that it is real whether or not you or I believe or understand it. 

Who can benefit?

People who want to live life to it's greatest potential with a mind open to new ways to solving old problems. You will also need some basic data for the calibration of the mathematical model. That information is the time and place of your birth. Time of birth means the time you began breathing and it is specified by the Month, Day, Year, Hour, Minute, and Time Zone. For example July 4, 1976 10:03 am CDT. Location of you birth means latitude and longitude where you were when you began breathing. For most people, using the US Census Bureau' s streets database to convert a street address to a latitude and longitude is good enough.

How does one take advantage of this amazing new technology?

You will need to know you date, time, and location of birth as accurately as possible. With this information you can order the Personal Location Analysis report for you at one or more specific locations. You will receive the report by email as a PDF file, which can be read and printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This file will have a number for each of the six quantities at each target location. Also included is document that explains more about the significance of the size of the numbers.

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