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Your Gateway to Discovering Your Optimal Personal Location

Changing your Location can make a major change in your Life Experience.

Have you experienced locations where you had excellent mental clarity, were a decisive problem solver, felt joy happiness and fulfillment, or felt like you were home? These experiences are likely due to your location at that time. By location I mean the physical place on the Earth, most commonly described by latitude and longitude.

I have been studying these phenomena since 1991. The path from disbelief to knowledge was a slow and painful experience. It was slow because I don’t change cherished beliefs easily and painful when I realized that those cherished beliefs were wrong. Wrong in the sense that my observations of the real world did not agree with my expectations.

Now I want to share this knowledge with all who are open to intellectual growth and enrichment for the betterment of humanity. I can envision a world where everyone lives where the dominant experience is joy, happiness, and fulfillment. In the history of life on Earth, this is unprecedented and now within our technological grasp.

Allen Fox
December 2007

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