Evergreen Consulting, Inc

Advanced Personal Location Analysis

Technology to identify the significant emotional experiences that a person can expect at a specific location.

This new technology can accurately identify locations where one can expect to experience

Carefree Optimism
Joy, happiness, and fulfillment
Nearly Instantaneous Total Memory Recall
Poor Mental Clarity
Fear and insecurity
Aggression and Restlessness

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Allen Fox was trained as a physicist and worked twenty years as an industrial scientist. For over a decade he has applied his skills as a careful observer, mathematician, and computer software developer to investigate the phenomena of human response to location. After traveling over 350 thousand miles for field studies and coding a million lines of computer code, he is sharing the results of that research. The bottom line is that where one lives is the single most important factor determining one’s life experience. He can show you the places to avoid and the ones to achieve your greatest potential and enjoy life to the fullest.


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